IFA – Bristol – £10m FUM. Retirement Sale – Ref 113
July 25, 2017
IFA / Wealth Manager – £100 FUM– South Wales – Business offered for sale as a result of retirement planning. – Ref 109
May 16, 2017
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Good quality IFA – £40m FUM – Surrey & Greater London – available for acquisition enabling the Principal opportunity an exit mechanism with deferred consideration / ongoing employment in the medium term. – Ref 110


A long established advisory business established and managed by a seasoned industry professional with a track record from 1986.


Ltd Company / sole advisor servicing a portfolio of 180 active cases in the Surrey and Greater London areas. An AR of a major network.


£40m FUM achieving recurring revenue of c£150k.



With ever increasing amounts of regulatory work impacting on client facing time the Director recognises the advantage of joining forces with a larger organisation enabling efficiencies and economies of scale.


Ongoing employment and non advisory client servicing / an ambassadorial role will allow an elegant client transfer with minimum slippage during which time consideration can pass from acquirer to vendor in stage payments.



Market rate is expected using normal market valuation metrics.


Deferred payments are expected with 50% initial consideration and the balance paid during the deferred buy-out period in stage payments.

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