retiring ifa for sale in south east
Chartered Financial Planner – ‘One man band’ / Ltd Company – Modestly scaled client portfolio within Hertfordshire – c£12m FUM – Available for acquisition and retention of 39 year old adviser in an employed or self-employed capacity – Ref 216
October 23, 2019
Leading Independent Wealth Management / Financial Advisory Firm – c£250m FUM – Long standing reputation & loyal client portfolio – Scotland – Ref 214
September 25, 2019

HNW client portfolio – 150 active cases with an average £250k holding. Loyal, long-standing and of professional employment status – £35m FUM. Recurring income £142k – Birmingham & M4 corridor – Ref 215

retiring ifa for sale in west midlands



Established over a 35 year period with dedicated specialism towards a sector specific group of HNW professionals.

With c£35m from 150 cases generating £142k of recurring income this business follows a 0.5% charging model.

Clean trading history. Consistently profitable. Fully FCA compliant.

Strong relationships harbouring huge latent potential given the professional status and client earnings.

Average case size £250k with potential for up-scaling.





With advancing years and lifestyle ambitions for a retirement and relocation the founding principal of this business now seeks a business sale at market rate.

Imperative is an acquirer can demonstrate servicing capabilities within an exacting client portfolio – a niche of HNW professionals located predominately within the Midlands and South West England / m4 corridor.





Reasonably this business should command a premium valuation which the vendor expects with consideration passing in 3 instalments over an 18/24 month period.

Wishing to ensure an elegant and seamless client hand-over / transition the vendor is happy to remain in an ambassadorial capacity post completion.

To minimise taxation implications this most likely will be a share sale. However an asset sale will be considered if the headline consideration can be re-calibrated to compensate for the tax payable shortfall.

It is hoped a completion can be achieved during Q1 / Q2 2020.


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