IFA for sale in london
A “husband & wife” Wealth Management Business. Both Principals with 20+ years advisory experience – £150m FUM – £600k Recurring Income – North & Central London – Ref 166
November 2, 2018
Sole trader / Ltd Company IFA seeks employed role within larger advisory firm – Client portfolio of c£19m FUM – Sheffield & Surrounding area – Ref 164
October 1, 2018
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Sole trader / Ltd Company IFA seeks “sell & stay” scenario within a larger advisory firm enabling retirement in 2 years – £27m FUM – Recurring income of £120k – Cumbria – Ref 165

ifas for sale in north west



A 60 year old CF30 adviser servicing a portfolio of clients that have been under his control for over 25 years in the Cumbria area.

Financially robust business model with strong cash reserves.

Now considering retirement options.





Ideally a retirement by 2020. In the meantime ongoing employment within an advisory firm offering buy-out terms at market rate, top quality client servicing proposition and a commitment to the North West of England.





Market rate buy-out terms structured over 24 months during which time the vendor will provide advisory services and participate in the integration process ensuring an elegant and seamless client hand-over.

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