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Sell your IFA/Wealth Management business

S elling your IFA or Wealth Management Business can seem a daunting prospect. Having spent many years building a successful Practice, you want to ensure that your clients are looked after and that you can realise the maximum value that reflects your years of hard work and dedication.

So how do you bring your Business to Market and how can Tomorrow IFA help?

We are vastly experienced specialists in this sector and have completed over 200 deals in the past 10 years. Our assignments range from smaller one Advisers firms to large National Wealth Management groups and we have an enviable network of acquirers who are keen to expand their operations via structured and sensible acquisition programmes.

The Process

You must first ensure that your Business is presented in the best possible light so that any potential buyer can easily see what they are buying and who they are buying it from. Client ownership must be completely transparent as is the ability to identify revenue streams including recurring revenue and new advice fees.

We offer a Pre-sale Consultancy service and can work with you to ensure that you are able to maximise the value within your Business.

Once instructed, we will consult with you to fully understand how your Business works and we will arrange for you to meet a small number of potential acquirers. We will not “blanket” market your Business and we will only introduce you to acquirers who meet your selection criteria. We firmly believe that successful deals are only completed when fundamental synergies exist between both parties and we will advise you on your options with each acquirer following the initial and subsequent meetings.

When, with our guidance on structures and valuation, you have decided to proceed with a particular acquirer, we will guide you through the sale process. This includes due diligence, the legal aspects of the deal, the integration of clients and the transfer of any Advisers/staff that may be joining the acquiring organisation.

We work with several Legal firms who can help you with the sale documents and our network of Accountants can guide you through the taxation implications of the sale of your Business.

Whether you are planning to retire or whether the sale of your Business is simply opening a new chapter in your career, we have the network, resources and expertise to ensure that your clients are cared for and that you can move on knowing that you have achieved a fair market value that reflects your expertise and dedication.

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